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The Builders’ Association has been serving the construction industry for over 110 years and is well aware of the challenges facing contractors.  Some of the major challenges facing contractors today are liability exposures, regulatory compliance exposures, and workers compensation exposures.  The need to control these types of exposures and remain competitive through aggressive expense management is essential.  Save money by reducing the cost of accidents, insurance premiums, regulatory citations, lawsuits, and increase worker productivity by contracting your safety and health services with The Builders’ Association. 

We have an experienced team of safety and health consultants ready to assist your organization in excelling in safety and health.  Every member of our consulting team has been employed as a safety professional for major construction firms.  Each individual also holds a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, as well as numerous professional certifications.  Our experienced consultants focus on providing proven solutions to effectively manage exposures relevant to the construction industry.

Every contractor needs a safety and health professional on board.  Some organizations are large enough to need a full-time safety and health professional.  Others have similar needs; however, realize that adding the expense of another full-time staff member may not be the best way of addressing their particular situation.  We can design and provide for your organization affordable safety and health consulting services on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis. 

On-Site Regulatory Compliance Audits

  • Training Services
  • Written Program Evaluation and Development
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Compliance
  • Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Compliance
  • Workers Compensation Exposures
  • General Liability Exposures
  • Industrial Hygiene Services

Hiring a safety and health consultant is as important as hiring an attorney or certified public accountant for your organization. If you hire the right one, your organization will reap significant dividends. On the other hand, if you hire the wrong one, you can experience many unnecessary and costly problems. The Builders’ Association has some of the most experienced and qualified construction safety and health professionals in the industry. Let The Builders’ Association Safety and Health Services show you how it can empower your organization to achieve safety excellence.

Safety Event Calendar

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  • August 13 2020
    OSHA Scaffolding Course 08/13/2020 The Builders’ Association Training Center This course covers the requirements for safe construction and use of scaffolding using OSHA’s construction scaffold standards as a guide. OSHA standards require employers to train each employee who performs work while on a scaffold trained to recognize the hazards associated with the type of scaffold being used and to understand the procedures to control or minimize those hazards. Course topics include hazards associated with scaffold design, assembly, disassembly and use, types of scaffolds, determining scaffold capacity, employee qualifications and training and maintenance, repair and inspection requirements. Add to Calendar
  • August 25 2020
    OSHA Silica Competent Person Course 08/25/2020 The Builders’ Association Training Center The purpose of this course is to educate course participants about OSHA’s Crystalline Silica Standard in the Construction Industry and provide an understanding of the hazards of respirable crystalline silica and appropriate ways to limit exposure. A key component in preventing overexposure to silica and subsequent disease is to have at least one individual on the jobsite who is capable of recognizing and evaluating situations where over exposure may be occurring; who knows how to evaluate the exposure potential; and who can make an initial recommendation on how to control that exposure. This is the role of the “Silica Competent Person.” OSHA 29 CFR 1926.1153 requires each employer to have a “Silica Competent Person” who can identify existing and foreseeable respirable crystalline silica hazards. Add to Calendar
  • August 27 2020
    OSHA Excavation Competent Person Course 08/27/2020 The Builders’ Association Training Center This course has been designed specifically for those involved in excavation, trenching, and related operations. OSHA requires a “Competent Person” to oversee these jobsites, as they are some of the most hazardous of all construction operations. Add to Calendar
  • September 18 2020
    CSG of KC's 26th Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament 09/18/2020 Shoal Creek Golf Course Add to Calendar
  • October 2 2020
    OSHA 30-Hour Construction Outreach Course 10/02/2020 Add to Calendar
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