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Visit the Builders’ EPR at

The Builders’ EPR is available to Builders’ Association members at very reasonable rates.  EPR subscribers have access to up-to-date postings of projects in Missouri, Kansas and the surrounding areas. 

Builders’ EPR service includes:

  • Message board for instant project information
  • Continue to view projects 60 days after bidding has closed
  • Timely emails provide updates on project reports and upcoming seminars
  • Search by Location, CSI Division or keyword
  • All projects fully integrated with On Center’s On-Screen Takeoff Software, a free viewing software that allows figuring of SF, LF and counts
  • Print plan documents in any size including 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8 scale
  • Users are notified of new projects when they login
  • Customize and print Plan Room Briefs according to user profile
  • Download multiple files simultaneously
  • Help screens and staff contacts for information and support

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Onsite Plan Room Facilities

For those members that feel more comfortable visiting a physical plan room, The Builders’ Association has onsite Plan Room facilities in Kansas City, Jefferson City, Columbia and Springfield.  The following is a brief outline of services that are available in our Plan Room facilities:

  • Hard copies of select projects
  • Computers and large monitors for easy viewing of electronic documents
  • Select projects available for overnight check out
  • Large format scanning, printing, and copying services available
  • Access to Plan Room Briefs that keep you up-to-date on upcoming bid opportunities
  • If you are not a member of The Builders’ Association, please check out our Sample Plan Room Brief

All Builders’ Association members have access to Plan Room Briefs by logging in to our website or visiting one of our onsite Plan Rooms.
Member Plan Room Briefs 



Our ProjectConX.Com website offers:

Calendar and Email Notifications: Users will be able to send email notifications as well as Outlook-compatible invitations that go directly into their calendar. Subcontractors and suppliers will receive reminders about projects they have been invited to bid as well as project schedule updates.

Project Library: Files will be available for users to download during the bid phase. After that, projects can be moved into the project management area so users can make changes throughout the construction phase.

Tracking of Files: Users and general contractors can track the workflow of files throughout the project and have a recorded history of all work during the construction phase.

Notifications: Notifications will be added for system events and file uploads.

Project Management Tab: PCX is much more than a plan review and bid management tool and will support the project management process for projects that in progress.

Project Management Transfer: PCX will continue to offer the same plan review and bid management tools as the current Digital Plan Exchange, but now you will also have a bid management platform for projects throughout construction.

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