To advance contractor productivity and quality construction through education and technology,
and to recruit a diverse construction workforce.
Consider your pathway to the top!

Skilled Craft Worker Path
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Management Career Path
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Click here to see the types of activities that take place within the 3700 square foot facility and here to see a video of the Advancement Center's Grand Opening. 

Workforce & Professional Development Events

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Workforce & Professional Development Contacts

  • Richard Bruce, Ph.D., Director
    (816) 595-4143
  • Caleb McCandless, M.S., Professional Development Manager
    (816) 595-4161
  • Romond Holt , B.S., Outreach Manager
  • (816) 595-4145
  • Cindy Ignacio, Receptionist
    (816) 595-4140
  • Builders' Association Training Center
    105 W. 12th Ave.
    North Kansas City, MO 64116
    ph (816) 471-0880
    fax (816) 471-5566