Excel Tips and Tricks

The 90 minute “Tips and Tricks” webinar will cover a variety of topics to introduce some of Excel’s most powerful and useful features to improve performance, save time, and build smarter spreadsheets.

Topics include:

Using Excel’s hotkeys and other functions to be more efficient in preparing spreadsheets

  • Working quickly and efficiently with hotkeys and accelerator keys
  • Eliminating manual “point and click” work by using Excel’s powerful selection tools like Go-To and Paste-Special
  • Automating repetitive typing (i.e. adding dates to rows or columns) using Flash Fill
  • Working with large and complex sheets using Excel’s “View” tools to your advantage

Working with different kinds of data in Excel- beyond just numbers!

  • Using Dates in Excel, including calculations such as number of days/months/years between any two dates
  • Working with Text in Excel

Key formulas for smarter spreadsheets- build spreadsheets that return data from a predefined list based on an input, or instantly evaluate if something meets a predefined criteria (such as a KPI)

  • IF, SUMIF, and Conditionals

Analyzing data using Excel- summarize large datasets instantly, without using formulas!

  • Analyzing datasets using Filter, Advanced Filter, Conditional Format
  • PivotTables- summarize big datasets how you want, quickly and easily

Date: Tuesday 07/21/20
3:00 pm to 4:30 pm (Question and Answer session to follow)
Presenter: Matt Russell, CPA - Supervisor, MarksNelson LLC
 $25 for members and $75 for non-members

A zoom link will be emailed to everyone who registers on 7/20/20.

7/21/2020 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

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